The European Union will finance El Hueco’s project to promote Spanish social entrepreneurship

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The European Union will finance El Hueco’s project to promote, spread and consolidate social entrepreneurship in Spain, through the organisation of several international conventions that will serve to create meeting points for entrepreneurs, specialists and experts in financial tools, as well as a subsequent incubation period of the best social projects taking part in the meetings.

 Soria, the province in which El Hueco is based, will become the European capital of social entrepreneurship for a few days, with the celebration of one of the main events planned in the project, which will bring together the most internationally prominent actors in the world on the subject. The convention, which will take place in the first quarter of 2015, aims to bring all the resources to which social entrepreneurs have access to the table, detecting the main problems they have to confront, and searching for effective and original solutions for them.

At the same time it will highlight one of the fundamental aspects of entrepreneurship: financing, with special attention to financial tools, namely venture capital funds.

Previously set out before this convention, two other social entrepreneurial meetings will take place in Madrid that will begin to create a network of social entrepreneurs who are taking part in the convention in Soria.

The program will culminate in the incubation in El Hueco of the best social entrepreneurship ideas that surfaced during the previous events. Throughout three months, the projects will receive intensive training in different areas, which will culminate in the drawing up of a business plan, a fundamental initial step for the start-up of a company.

This program will strengthen the momentum of social entrepreneurship that, since its creation more than two years ago, has become the distinctive mark of entrepreneurial working space in Soria, and that has brought about the creation of a sister office in Brussels of El Hueco which helps entrepreneurs to understand and utilise all kinds of the many resources offered by the European Union.